February Wine Dinner with Four Corners Brewing, Feb. 22 Event

We love local, so we love the opportunity to partner with other epicureans to make an FnGood dinner experience. This month’s wine dinner isn’t actually wine at all, but beers from Four Corners Brewing. With cool brews with unique flavors and even more unique names, this OC brand (that’s Oak Cliff, not OC or Bishop Arts), Four Corners and FnGs menu made the perfect pairing for our monthly three-course dinner.

Special three-course dining experience featuring Four Corners Brewery-Dallas, TX at FnG Eats for $50. Reservations are required by calling 817.741.5200 to confirm.

Course 1 Options:

El Super Bee
De Saison
A High-Flying Smack of Citrus and Spice

Appetizer Pairings:
Jalapeño Hush Puppy Fried Pickle Spears
Arevalo Grist Mill Corn Batter / Lemon Tzatziki

El Chingón
A Badass Blend of American Hop Flavor, Aroma Machismo

Appetizer Pairings:
Prince Edward Island Day Boat Mussels
Chef Carlos’ Chorizo / Charred Tomato Lobster Broth Wood Roasted Garlic / Grilled Dallas Bakery Bolillo

Course 2 Options:

“Noble Cock”
Belgium Style Quad
White Wine Barrel Aged with Dashes of Stone Fruit, Toffee, Caramel

Entree Pairing:
Oak Wood Smoked Seaboard Farms Pork Brisket
Scotch Bonnet Peach BBQ / Sweet Potato Crisps / Lardon Slaw

Course 3 Options:

Local Buzz
Honey Rye Golden Ale
Brewed with Locally Sourced Honey. Refreshingly Crisp

Dessert Pairings:
Jalapeño Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sammich
Henry’s Honey Mexican Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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