What Does FnG Mean?

If there was ever was a question that’s asked more at FnG Eats it’s “What does FnG stand for?”

First, we’ll share our first answer: Whatever you want it to mean.

We’ve heard it all from military references to “Effin’ Good.

Hey, we like the creativity and appreciate the allure. There’s nothing like being talked about and keeping everyone in suspense.

However, the story behind our name is a lot less Rated R than you would think.

For more than 20 years, Chef Bob and Chef Carlos worked together at Cool River in Irving. A big restaurant known for its big corporate tabs and even bigger steaks, the kitchen crew worked long hours together under high-stress times so, like family, everyone gets a nickname.¬†Being that Chef Bob towered at more than 6’6 feet tall and at one time weighed more than 300 lbs, he was lovingly referred to as Gordo (the word for fat in Spanish.) On the flip side, Chef Carlos barely topped at 5 feet tall and had a very slim physique, so he was nicknamed”Flaco” or skinny in Spanish.¬†

When it came time for the pair to branch off and open their own restaurant, the dynamic duo named it after themselves, Flaco and Gordo or what is known to you as FnG Eats.